William and Mary

Ian Reese

GIS Analyst, AidData

Email: [[w|icreece]]
Website: {{}}


Ian Reese is a GIS Analyst for AidData at the College of William and Mary. The primary component of Ian’s work consists of translating AidData’s geocoded data sets into visually appealing maps used for research and web applications. He also works with students and faculty developing maps for ArcGIS Online and prepares geocoded data for GIS use.  Ian has a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University and has written a thesis researching Smart Growth practices in shrinking cities using ArcGIS for time series visualization. Past GIS projects for Ian include: wind farming analyses, three dimensional modeling for urban wind flow, and LiDAR to CAD conversion for the Sustainable Landscape Practices Demonstration Garden at the Virginia Tech Agricultural Extension. Samples of Ian’s visualizations may be found at: