William and Mary

Samantha Custer

Director of Communications and Policy Outreach

Office: 427 Scotland Street

Samantha Custer is Director of Communications and Policy Outreach at AidData. Samantha brings to AidData a diversified portfolio of experience in promoting good governance that cuts across traditional boundaries between academia, policy and practice. She has advised on education and language policy in Southeast Asia with SIL International (Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc) , overseeing two country offices and coordinating the advocacy efforts of the Bangkok Multilingual Education Working Group for UNESCO. With Save the Children, Samantha conducted performance audits for sponsorship-funded programs in Latin America. Actively involved in research and academia, she has co-authored several World Bank papers on open data and citizen feedback with the Open Development Technology Alliance, as well as assisting former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to teach a class on U.S. Foreign Policy. Samantha holds masters degrees in Foreign Service and Public Policy, graduating with highest distinction from Georgetown University.