• Version: 9.3  T&R (Teaching and Research Only)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 32 and 64 bit and Linux 64-bit
  •  For: College-owned computers, Faculty, Staff (must sign the SAS User Form)
  •  Installation: Student and other non-college owned machine installations must be done in Jones 208 due to the size of the installation media. Please allow ample time as the install can be lengthy.
  •  For Faculty, Staff, and College owned computers contact the Technology Support Center

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a statistical and information system that performs sophisticated data management and statistical analysis. It is used in academic research, academic administration, and in private industry across disciplines.

 SAS includes ready-to-use programs for data manipulations, descriptive statistics, information storage and retrieval, chart and graph creation, and report writing. Statistical analysis tasks that can be performed include the generation of descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, prediction of numerical outcomes, and prediction of identifying groups. 

Install Notes

Please visit the SAS Install Center for system requirements.

Installation issues on personal machines are the responsibility of the machine owner. While the TSC will make every effort to assist and resolve problems, there are no warranties implied or otherwise. Please backup critical data before installation.

License Agreement

You are responsible for the license keys and all software is owned by SAS Institute. You agree to uninstall the SAS and all associated products when you are no longer affiliated with the College. No commercial/paid work is permitted with this Educational License. Please see the TSC as they have Administrative installs available at a reduced rate.

 Education Analytical Suite, including the products:

  • Base SAS

  • SAS Bridge for ESRI

  • SAS Enterprise Guide

  • SAS Integration Technologies

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Aster nCluster

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Informix

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase IQ

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata

  • SAS/AF










  • SAS/OR

  • SAS/QC

  • SAS/SECURE 168-bit