Current Projects & Initiatives


IT will facilitate the upcoming accreditation cycles in the School of Education, School of Business, and the university by aiding in the procurement and institutionalization of school-specific reporting software programs.

Adobe Experience Manager

To aid with Advancement initiatives IT is taking advantage of new technology and advancing web capabilities with the Adobe Experience Manager. The software utilizes Amazon’s cloud-based infrastructure to provide a centralized content database, dynamic media placement and management, as well as the ability to organize tagged content.

Argos Reporting Tool

Argos is a robust tool for viewing and reporting data from Banner. The current reporting tool, Discoverer, will remain intact, but Argos will give users the opportunity to generate reports beyond what Discoverer offers. Argos has the capability to provide reports from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive charts and data cubes, and to connect to multiple data sources simultaneously. With reusable DataBlocks and the ability to share DataBlocks with the Evisions CO-OP User Community, users can benefit from Argos as a collaborative tool. The project is in the implementation and training phase, and the campus roll-out schedule has not yet been determined. IT plans to offer training to the campus community in the future.

Building Bridges Graphic
Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

The College of William & Mary began implementing the system components of an enterprise-wide CRM in Fall 2015 with partners ACF Solutions, Salesforce Foundation and TargetX. The multi-year project kicked-off with a Discovery phase and is now entering Phase 1 (of 3) in two areas:  student and advancement. The student area will focus on implementing the online application and recruitment modules for TargetX for three of our graduate schools.  The advancement area will center around event and marketing management and building an online alumni community.

Visit our Building Bridges website for details about the CRM initiative at W&M.

HR Revitalization

HR Revitalization, Finance Revitalization, and Procure-to-Pay are all business innovation projects for the College which rely heavily on IT services and systems. IT will navigate the technical aspects of these projects while providing support and expertise throughout the implementation processes.

Identity Management

To manage the needs of W&M's ever-growing population, IT is considering commercial alternatives to our current home-grown identity management system. In 2016 IT will evaluate systems in an effort to find a suitable replacement.

Print Management Program

The IT Department is working to improve the efficient use of William & Mary’s network of digital, multifunctional devices and network printers.  As part of this effort, IT will be working with ESI (Electronic Systems Inc) to evaluate all printing on campus to determine if the right size device is being used for the printing that is required.

Learn more about the new Print Management Program

Windows 10 image
Windows 10

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 operating system and W&M IT is working on incorporating it into the desktop image for faculty and staff computers and laptops. Device security, data protection, software integration, and system capatability are being evaluated as we work towards bringing the new operating system onto campus. Look for Windows 10 to be incorporated in fac/staff computers on the ESP leasing program in 2016 and on podium and lab computers in 2017.

Wireless System Exploration

With a steadily increasing demand on wireless network service, W&M IT is currently exploring new products and alternative system configurations in an effort to keep up with demand and provide top-notch wireless Internet service to the campus.  Testing and studies are currently underway, with the prospect of beginning a redesign and/or product change in the summer of 2016.