Current Projects & Initiatives

Accomodate by Symplicity

William & Mary now has a solution for its accessibility office to streamline the approval and delivery of accommodations for students with extenuating needs. Accommodate is a software that will allow the College to better manage the population of students with classroom accommodation requirements. The software features a dedicated student portal, where students can submit forms, request appointments, upload documentation, and view all information that has been sent to them by administrators. It also allows students to independently search for note-takers in their classes.


IT will facilitate the upcoming accreditation cycles in the School of Education, School of Business, and the university by aiding in the procurement and institutionalization of school-specific reporting software programs.

Adobe Experience Manager

To aid with Advancement initiatives IT is taking advantage of new technology and advancing web capabilities with the Adobe Experience Manager. The software utilizes Amazon’s cloud-based infrastructure to provide a centralized content database, dynamic media placement and management, as well as the ability to organize tagged content.

Argos Reporting Tool

Argos is a robust tool for viewing and reporting data from Banner. The current reporting tool, Discoverer, will remain intact, but Argos will give users the opportunity to generate reports beyond what Discoverer offers. Argos has the capability to provide reports from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive charts and data cubes, and to connect to multiple data sources simultaneously. With reusable DataBlocks and the ability to share DataBlocks with the Evisions CO-OP User Community, users can benefit from Argos as a collaborative tool. The project is in the implementation and training phase, and the campus roll-out schedule has not yet been determined. IT plans to offer training to the campus community in the future.

coll courses
College Cirriculum

W&M IT Academic Technologists are working with CLA Fellows, EPC, the Dean of A&S and faculty members to identify and implement technologies and protocols necessary for the new College Curriculum. Additionally, they will continue to develop and deploy workshops, tutorials, sample assignments, model courses, and general guidelines for faculty members as well as evaluate the feasibility of COLL 100 applications.

Document Imaging and Workflow

This environmentally conscious campus is about to get even greener! William & Mary IT, in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Registrar's Office, is working to make the admissions process completely paperless. Undergraduate admissions imaging is live, meaning that almost all applications are now coming in electronically via the Common Application via Axiom and then Banner Document Management. Additional documents are being scanned in by Admissions to keep the process paperless. Deans are able to read applications online in the office and at home via the secure VDI connection. In just a few weeks’ time, 13,000 documents were loaded, comprising over 80,000 pages! More offices will be getting involved over the coming months.

eLearning Kit

Faculty at William & Mary now have access to technologies that can assist them in developing alternative methods of teaching. There are eleven eLearning Kits available to William & Mary faculty who wish to create video content for their classes. With these Kits, faculty can develop intricate visual aids from the comfort of their home or office. The Kits can also be used for conducting online classes. For more information about the eLearning Kits, contact [[w|jgdrummond, John Drummond]].

Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Evaluation

W&M IT is leading the evaluation process to select and purchase a university-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM systems manage an organization's interactions with customers by streamlining communications, automating services, and synchronizing records across the organization in order to improve marketing, customer service, and decision support. A new CRM system will identify those with a connection to the university (e.g., relatives of alumni) and those that have expressed an initial interest. The system will manage interactions with these constituents to improve recruitment of prospective students and once enrolled, will also improve students’ university experience, help students gain employment post-graduation, and provide exemplary levels of communication with alumni.

HR Revitalization

HR Revitalization, Finance Revitalization, and Procure-to-Pay are all business innovation projects for the College which rely heavily on IT services and systems. IT will navigate the technical aspects of these projects while providing support and expertise throughout the implementation processes.

Identity Management

To manage the needs of W&M's ever-growing population, IT is considering commercial alternatives to our current home-grown identity management system. In 2015 IT will evaluate systems in an effort to find a suitable replacement.

MABUG 2015

In November, W&M IT will host the Mid-Atlantic Banner Users Group (MABUG) conference. The three-day conference will include over 300 participants and will focus on maximizing the use of Banner. W&M IT's own Maria Elena Pada is heading-up the organization of the conference. And she now has the MABUG Facebook page ready for viewing. Check it out - and "Like" the page if you are interested in getting details about the event.

Online MBA

In August 2015, the Mason School of Business will launch the first degree program at the College that is delivered fully online. William & Mary’s objective is establish an authentic and unique infrastructure that enables future online program growth. To meet this goal, IT is partnering with the Mason School of Business to develop the academic core of the program and IT is working with Everspring, an end-to-end online services enabler that partners with leading universities, and offices across campus to fully integrate the new program.

Optimizing the Enterprise IT Organization

The Censeo Consulting Group took an in-depth look at IT services throughout the W&M Campus during the spring and summer of 2014. After a survey of current IT resources and infrastructure, Censeo recommended various initiatives in better align IT with the business objectives of the College. The recommendations are currently under consideration by the W&M administration, the IT steering committee and the Board of Visitors.

Printer/Copier Efficiency Improvements

The IT Department is starting an initiative to improve the efficient use of William & Mary’s network of digital, multifunctional devices and network printers. As part of this effort, all printing on campus will be evaluated to determine if the right size device is being used for the printing that is required.