Schedule & Status


The implementation of the project began in early March with the goal of ending prior to the end of classes in December.  Careful consideration has been taken to schedule installations when they will be least disruptive to the campus community.  Dates are approximate.

March 4 - Software Installation
March 18 - Nov/Dec - Door Access Control Panel Replacements
May 20 - June 14 - Transaction Reader Installations (Vending, Laundry, and Copiers)
June 10 - July 12 - Cash Register Installations and Testing  (DONE!  We were ahead of schedule - completed on June 26)
End of Fall Semester 2013 - Project Completion

Status Updates

December 5 -All Building have been converted to the new system.  The project is now finished!

September 27 - We are moving right along with door access panel installations.   We are now working in administrative and academic buildings.  

September 18 - Door access panel installations are almost complete in residence halls and we are moving on to academic buildings.  It now looks like the installations will be complete at the end of the Fall 2013 semester.

August 30 - Students are back on campus and classes have resumed.  We are still in the process of converting door access panels on residence halls.  With One Tribe Place getting much of the attention at the end of the summer, we are behind schedule.  It shouldn't be too long before we can wrap-up that piece of the project and move on to door panels in academic buildings.  The transaction system (W&M Express) has been working solidly during this busy time... though there have been a few wrinkles we've had to smooth-out. 

August 21 - Working fast and furious One Tribe Place is officially complete - as far as door access is concerned, at least.  However, with so many resources being diverted to this additional project, we are falling behind on the "core" project.  The September 30th project completion date is questionable. 

August 14 -  We are counting down the days until students arrive on campus.  Front and center is the concern for building access at One Tribe Place.  All available resources are shifting to that location as there are 24 door ways that need to be secured.  The rest of the project will have to wait until One Tribe Place is finished.   Other than that, several Pepsi machines still need to be converted.  Unfortunately, this has to be done by Pepsi themselves - the most we can do is pester them until it gets done.  Still crossing our fingers that everything will be ready before freshman move-in. 

July 31 - In preparation for the start of classes, work in the residence halls is getting top priority.  Fortunately, we are right on schedule with the door access panels for most buildings - One Tribe Place is a concern, though.  Furthermore, all but 3 laundry readers are online. Our main focus on the transaction side is taking inventory of all the products sold by Dining Services and in stores like the Student Exchange.  Not an easy task.

July 10 - The focus is now shifting from the original project, which is well underway, to the subsidiary projects that have cropped up since we started this process... like installing door access systems in the new Fraternity Complex and One Tribe Place.  These new buildings that weren't part of the original contract (because they didn't exist when the contract was made), but they still need card readers.

July 1 - You can now use your Express at our off campus vendors.  A list of these vendors can be found on our new Express deposit portal, called "GET Funds".  Check it out!

June 24 - We have a big week ahead of us.  The new transaction system activation is planned for Tuesday, June 25 at 8:00 pm.  Final preparations are taking place now.  On Wednesday, we'll see if it works.  All hands on deck!

June 18 - It's getting close to activation date!  One more week until the new transaction system is activated - the target date is currently June 25 or 26.  After the activation date, W&M Express will function as usual again (assuming that all the readers are converted by that day).

June 12 - Whew!  Things are moving fast and furious.  We are busy with installations for door access equipment, cash registers, readers for vending machines, laundry machines, and copiers - all while configuring systems, redefining administrative work flows, and creating user support models.

May 31 -  Problems with the washer and dryer?   Before you drag that pile of stinky clothes to the Soap-N-Suds, try using quarters.   The machines do work - BUT you have to use coins until the end of June.   As for other vending services - Most Pepsi machines and all copiers still accept W&M Express at this point.  However, snack machines and laundry machines are pretty much all converted to the new system (meaning cash only).  Find a Machine that accepts W&M Express.

May 20 - The Spring semester has ended and now the real fun begins.  Not only will we be converting doors, but also drink machines, snack machines, laundry machines, copy machines, and point-of-sale registers.  Converted vending machines will NOT take W&M Express until all machines have been converted and the switch has been flipped.  We have started the Find a Machine list to help you find vending machines that still do accept W&M Express transactions.

May 6 - Jones Hall is the first academic building to be converted to CS Gold for door access.  As with most projects, IT is usually the group to initiate a project as it gives us a chance to test on ourselves before rolling changes out to the rest of campus. 

May 1 - Training for the Simphony transaction system.   Admins learned how to set-up point-of-sale devices.

April 24 - Equipment is coming!  We are getting ready for the conversions of washing machines and vending machines which will take place in the early summer months.  So lots of equipment is on its way.  The big questions is - where can we store it all?

April 18 - All the doors (well, except for one) in the Botetourt Complex are finished.  This group of buildings proved to be more complex than we initially thought due to antiquated wiring configurations that centralized door access control in one building.  Now each building has its own control panel.   We are crossing our fingers that the next group of buildings will be more straight-forward.

April 5 - We received a shipment of our first door access panels for academic buildings!

April 2 - Working in the Botetourt Complex this week.  Wiring issues are going to make this area more complicated than expected. 

March 27 - Now we are marching through the residence halls for the door access panel conversions.  Jamestown North and South were converted today.   Next up, Brown and Tazwell.

March 19 - The door access panels in Tribe Square were converted to the new system.  This is the first building to be converted.

March 13 - Pallets of equipment have been shipped.  Door access conversions on residence halls will begin next week.

March 6 - CBORD is onsite at W&M this week to help make the final system preparations prior to installations - which will begin soon!

Feb 28 - March 1 - System training for two of our W&M project team members in Georgia.

Feb 13 - The project team from CBORD took a tour of the W&M campus, looking at laundry machines, cash registers, door control panels, copiers, and the ID card equipment.  See pictures from the tour on our Facebook page.

Jan. 9 - Weekly meeting for the ID System Project commence.  Representatives from Auxiliary Services, Facilities, IT, Residence Life, W&M Police, and VIMS will gather weekly for a conference call with the vendor's (CBORD) project team.