Banner 9

Banner Campus

William & Mary is moving to Banner 9!   W&M IT has been working over the past two years to upgrade the infrastructure needed for Banner 9,  and we are happy to say that we are now ready to make the move!  And the timing couldn't be better.  Vendor support for the current iteration of Banner (Banner 8) is being terminated at the end of 2018, making the move to Banner 9 a necessity. 

Dont miss the Banner 9 Town Hall event on February 26 and module-specific events the following week!

So, what's changing?  The user interface for Banner Admin is getting a huge upgrade. Banner 9 will provide a more modern, and user-friendly experience. However, the changes (although significant) are primarily cosmetic in nature.  All Banner functionality will remain in tact.  Also, the Banner database remains the same.  You will not lose any data points or any data fields on forms.  

Here are some features you can look forward to in Banner Admin:

  • Updated Look-and-Feel - The Banner interface has not been updated since the system was first implemented in 2002.  Banner 9 looks more modern and user friendly.  
  • Choose Your Web Browser - No longer will Banner be limited to Internet Explorer.  With Banner 9, you can use any type of modern web browser. 
  • Tablet Friendly - Banner 9 works on large-screen mobile devices, like tablets and iPads. 
Please note that Banner Self-Service (aka the Banner you access from myWM) is not changing at this time.  
Making the Move

The move to Banner 9 will be made form-by-form.  Each form will undergo thorough testing prior to releasing it in Banner 9.  You (Banner Admin users) will be kept informed, via email, of the forms that are made live in Banner 9. 

As forms are released in Banner 9, you may find yourself using both Banner 8 and Banner 9 concurrently.  This is just a temporary measure until all forms are moved into Banner 9.  There is no need to worry about a duplication of data, or missing data.  Both versions of Banner access the same underlying database.   

Take a Tour

{{youtube:large|hfgIccL8xvs, Take a look at what Banner 9 has to offer.  Banner Admin users will start working in Banner 9 in the 2018 calendar year. Please note that Banner Self-Service will be upgraded at a later date.}}