Landline Phone Service FAQ

Is landline phone service available in W&M residence halls?

Landline phone service is available by request starting on July 1st for the fall semester. Students living in W&M residence halls may pay a small fee to activate the service.

How do I request the landline phone service for my room?

Visit to activate the landline service.

I am an RA.  Do I need to request the landline phone service for my room?

No, you will be provided a VoIP phone in your room.  Contact your supervisor in Residence Life for questions.

What is the fee?

The annual fee to activate landline phone service is $50. The $50 fee covers an entire academic year and includes the two summer sessions.  All phone services will be removed at the end of the second summer session unless you have submitted a new request for phone service for the next year. (See below about keeping your phone number.)

When will the activation fee appear on my IT Bill?

If you request the landline service in July, the fee will probably appear on your August IT bill. If you request in August, the charge will likely be on our September bill.

Can I request the landline phone service for my room after the academic year begins?

Yes, you can request it at any time, but the activation fee is not prorated. Please allow three business days for the activation to be completed.

Can my roommate have their own phone number?

Yes. There can be up to two phone numbers assigned to two different students in a room with the exception of Ludwell, Grad Complex, and Cabell.

I don't have my on-campus room assignment yet. Can I request landline phone service?

No. We can't take your request if you don't know your room assignment.

How do I get voicemail for my landline phone?

When you make the request to activate landline phone service in your room, you will have the option to request voicemail at no charge.

I really only use landline phones to order pizza. Is it true that hall phones will be available?

Yes, landline phones are installed in the hallways of all W&M residences. Hall phones can be used for local calls. Also, phones are activated in the offices and room of Residence Life staff.

Will the hall phones be set up to receive incoming calls?


What happens if I decide to move to another location during the year?

When students move to another room within the academic year (including summer sessions), the phone moves with them. There will be no charge for the move and you will submit a request via the IT Bill website. There will be a three-business day turnaround for this move. Phone number will stay the same.

Can I keep the same phone number from year to year?

Probably. As soon as you know your room assignment for the following year, you can request phone service. Please note your current phone number in the memo box and that you would like to keep the same phone number.  Remember, the $50 activation fee is an annual fee that you will be responsible for each year.

Can I discontinue the landline service?

Yes. You may discontinue service; however, the $50 activation fee is non-refundable, unless you cancel within two weeks of requesting the service. You will still be responsible for any other fees such as long distance calls made from your phone while it was in service. To cancel your service, send an email to [[support]] with your phone number including requesting the cancellation.