Phone Services for Departments

Telephone Coordinators can find information about department bills and telephone service requests on the Coordinator Resources page. 

Connecting your Phone

VoIP phones must connect to a network jack to function. Analog telephones (such as fax machines and student landline phones) must connect to analog phone jacks. They will NOT work in the network jack unless the jack is converted to analog service.

Dialing Instructions

Campus calls

Last five digits of the campus telephone number

(Ex. 221-5555 would be 1-5555)

Local calls

9 + number

Department-related long distance calls (available from most faculty and staff phones)

9 + 1 + area code and number

Department-related long distance calls from restricted phones

9 + 1 + area code and number + authorization code

Department-related international calls
International Rates
9 + 011 + country code + city code + number + authorization code.

Long distance calls within the 50 states are $.09 per minute. For calls to US territories, consult the international rate listing.

Voicemail Service

Voicemail service is available on all campus phones for faculty and staff. Tenured and tenure-track faculty with office phone service are provided with one voicemail box at no monthly charge. All other faculty and staff will incur $5.50 per month for each mailbox.

To retrieve your voicemail messages, either press the Voicemail key on the phone, call 1-1000 on campus, or call 757-221-1000 off campus. The Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide (pdf) is a helpful tool in understanding the flow of the voicemail system menus. 

The online companion software, Communicator, can also be used to view your call history and access Voicemail messages.

Moving a Telephone

VoIP phones may be moved within a department. To do so, simply unhook the phone from the network jack where it is currently located and rehook it in the network jack at the desired new location. The phone number will stay the same, but the new location of the phone will have to be verified through email. Phones may not be moved between different departments - without special consideration - as this requires a change in billing.

In order to move an analog phone line (fax machines, alarms, credit card readers...), a Telephone Service Request will need to be submitted by your Telephone Coordinator.

Conference Calls

You can use your phone for a conference call, with up to three lines calling-in to the ShoreTel phone. Phones may easily be moved from an office to a conference room (see the Moving a Telephone section above) or an additional phone may be rented for $10 per day. Phone rental orders are submitted through Request IT.

If you need more than three lines for your conference call, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).  

Location Verification

Location information is needed by the William & Mary Police Department for 911 compliance and response. To maintain accurate records, you will be asked to verify your telephone's location once a year at Reminder emails will be sent to you annually.