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Telephone Service Requests (aka. Work Orders)

Request new or change existing phone services through Request IT.  From here you can:

  • Submit questions about billing
  • Make a billing change
  • Change an existing service
  • Order a new service
  • Report a phone issue

Required information includes names, locations, and telephone numbers for the requested work and the account number(s). Most service requests are free of charge, however a new network jack installation will incur a charge.

Step-by-step instructions for submitting a Telephone Service Request via Request IT (pdf).

View Departmental Bills
Use Request IT to submit questions and changes related to billing.

Campus Directory Updates

Monthly Equipment Costs

Listed below are the monthly charges for voicemail and the three different types of ShoreTel telephones.  Replacement cost is the cost to replace the telephone if it is broken or lost.

ShoreTel IP Phone 115


Models include: ShoreTel 115

ShoreTel 420

Cost $17.00 per month

Replacement cost: $80.00

ShoreTel IP Phone 212k


Models include:

ShoreTel 212k

ShoreTel 230

ShoreTel 265

ShoreTel 485g

Cost $20.00 per month

Replacement cost:


ShoreTel IP Phone 655



ShoreTel 655

Cost $30.00 per month

Replacement cost:


Voice Mail Box Voice Mail Cost $5.50 per month
Extension Only Extension Cost $5.50 per month
Button Box Additional Buttons Cost $5.00 per month
Analog Phone Lines Phone line Cost $30.00 per month
Spider Microphone* Microphone extension for conference phone Cost $50.00 (one time charge)
Rental Conference Phone Rent a phone for a conference call.  Long distance charges included in fee. Cost $10.00 per day

Request new or change existing phone services through Request IT.

*Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) directly at [[support]] to order a Spider Microphone.


Licenses have a one-time charge.

License Type Description Charge
Operator License Designed for users who would operate a switchboard. Gives users a software version of a switchboard. $300
Professional License Allows users to have a contacts toolbar to monitor other users. Also offers many other advanced features. $40
Work Group Agent Allows a user to log in and out of the Work Group and monitor the call queue. $150
Work Group Supervisor Allows a user to monitor all agents, as well as log in and out of the Work Group and monitor the call queue. $300

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]] for license requests or support.

Additional Calling Services Available

Hunt Group:  Hunt groups will allow calls to ring on multiple desks.  The hunt group service is cost free; however, there is a monthly fee for a Voicemail box, if one is requested.

Work Group:  Work groups are usually only used in offices or departments with a heavy volume of calls. Work groups provide customizable features such as call-answering hierarchies and scheduling. Because work groups require licenses (for each person in the group), there are additional fees for the service. 

Auto-Attendant: The auto-attendant service routes callers from a central line to a specific destination using a voice message like "Press 1 for William, press 2 for Mary".