Accessing Drives from On Campus


When you login to your windows workstation it should automatically map your drives to the correct locations. If you find that you don't have a drive correctly mapped when you log in, you may have to remap it.  One way to do that is to right click on the drive letter, select disconnect, and then log out and log back in.  Otherwise you can manually map to the server with these instructions:

1.  Right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop
2.  Click on Map Network Drive
3.  Select a letter (G: is for group drives, H: for personal drives, P: for the public drive)
4.  In the popup box type \\\drive (replacing drive with the drive name).   Some common drives are:

  • G: Drive (group drive) - \\\home$ (replace "home$" with the name of the group drive)
    Example for Thomas Jefferson's G:Drive: \\\monticello$
  • H: Drive (personal drive) - \\\username (replace "username" with your WMuserid)
    Example for Thomas Jefferson's H:Drive: \\\tjefferson
  • P: Drive (public drive) - \\\pubroot$
5.  Click on different user name

6.  Beside User Name type campus\WMuserid (ex: campus\tjefferson)
7.  Enter your password


1.  In the Finder, select Connect To Server... from the "Go" menu
2.  In the Server Address field, enter smb:// (replacing drive with the drive name). Some common ones are:

  • G: Drive (group drive) - smb://$  (replace "home$" with the name of the group drive)
    Example for Thomas Jefferson's G:Drive: smb://$
  •  H: Drive (personal drive) - smb://  (replace "username" with your WMuserid)
    Example for Thomas Jefferson's H:Drive: smb://
  • P: Drive (public drive) - smb://$

NOTE: OS X Mavericks users must replace "smb" with "cifs" at the beginning of the addresses. For example, instead of: smb://, use: cifs://

3.  Click connect
4.  Select Registered User
5.  Put in your username in this format: CAMPUS\WMuserid (ex. CAMPUS\tjefferson)
6.  Enter your password

Note: If you are using Leopard (Mac OS X v10.5), read this alert about folder permissions.

G: Drive (Group Space)

For help on accessing, connecting to, or creating a G: Drive for your department, contact the Technology Support Center.

Academic Storage (ACStore)

Find connection instructions and access request information on the ACStore website.

Student Organization Web Site

Only one WMuserid may map (connect) to drives on a computer. Because a student org site requires it's own WMuserid to map its drive, students who have mapped both their H: drive and their student org's web site will need to do the following to access both drives:

  1. Disconnect either your H: drive or the student org site on your computer.
  2. Connect remotely to either your H: drive or student org site by using an sftp client (connect using Instructions for connecting remotely.
Still having trouble connecting?

Disable any firewall software and try connecting again.

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)

757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm