Saving Your Emails

...when your account is being deleted

Once your email account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access your William and Mary email using myWM. You can archive your email using Outlook Express in order save it to your own computer.

Below are instructions for setting up Outlook Express, as an IMAP account, to retrieve your email and copy it to your local computer.

Setting up Outlook Express
  • Click Start >> Programs >> Outlook Express
  • Double-click Set up a Mail account
  • Choose Create a new Internet mail account >> click Next
  • Type your name in the box next to Display name >> click Next
  • Type your email address ( in the box next to E-mail address >> click Next
  • Choose IMAP as your incoming mail server type
  • Incoming mail server is
  • Outgoing mail server is >> click Next
  • Enter your WMuserid in the box next to Account name
  • Enter your WM password in the box next to Password >> click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Click on to highlight it >> click Properties
  • Click on the Servers tab and check the box next to My server requires authentication
  • Click on the Advanced tab and check the two boxes next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
  • Click OK >> click Close on the next screen
  • When asked, Would you like to download folders from the mail server you added?, click Yes
  • Click on the folders you need to retrieve mail from then click show
  • You may get an error message stating, Could not show 'folder.' The server refused to show it; these folders are unable to be shown; click OK, then Cancel
Moving Email to your Local Computer
  • The email that is stored on the W&M mail server can be found in the left-pane under
  • Select a folder that contains the email you would like archived on your computer, click one of the messages in the right-pane, choose Edit then Select All
  • Right-click on the selected messages and select Copy to
  • Choose a folder under Local Folders to copy your messages to (ie. Inbox)
  • You can also create a new folder to store your messages by clicking New Folder
  • Once you have decided where to store your messages, click OK
  • Repeat the instructions above until you have copied all the messages you would like to save on your local computer

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