Power Settings for Computers

Recommended Power Settings for computers running the Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems:

(You may set your computer to a shorter time to conserve more energy.)

The default setting for desktop computers and notebooks running on A/C power should be:  the computer and monitor enter sleep mode after one hour of inactivity.  Notebooks should be set for 15 minutes when running on battery to prolong battery life.  Check or adjust your settings as follows:

Windows Vista & 7:

Open the Control Panel and select Classic View in the left column (if not already selected)

Double click "Power Options" in the right pane

Choose "Change plan settings" under the selected "Preferred plan"

Verify "Turn off display" is set to 1 hour

Verify put the computer to sleep is set to 1 hour

 (If you are using remote desktop from home on your office Windows computer, you should not set your computer to enter sleep mode.  The monitor can still be set for sleep mode but remember to turn off your monitor when you leave for the day.)

Choose save changes if you made any and close the control panel

 Vista Power Options

Macintosh OS X:

Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu

Select Energy Saver

If a notebook choose Power Adapter or Battery from the "Settings for" dropdown

Adjust the setting using the slider

 Macintosh Power Options