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Saving Files

Where to (and not to) Save Files

DO NOT save files to the computer lab workstation's C: drive. Since user profiles stored on the C: drive are periodically wiped, your file may be deleted.

However, you may save your file(s) to your H: drive or to a personal thumb/usb drive. There is a link to the H: drive called "My Files" on the desktop:


...and also on the Start Menu, when you click on "Computer". 

In this example, the logged in user ("itstud") can find his H: drive by looking at the one that has his name on it, or he can choose to save to a thumb drive:

Start menu (click on computer)

Safe locations to save documents

If you are saving directly from a file (such as a Word or Excel document) you created, the screen may look more like this:

A typical


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