ChemDraw Problems

ChemDraw will not Open at All

Something to check if ChemDraw errors out and will not open:  had you recently used the FileOpen pdf reader plugin for Firefox or Internet Explorer?  Unfortunately, the FileOpen plugin is not compatible with ChemDraw.

If you cannot open ChemDraw and had recently used the FileOpen plugin, restart the workstation and log back into it.  After the restart, you should be able to use ChemDraw normally.

ChemDraw is not Working with Excel

By default, the ChemDraw add-in for Excel is DISABLED. This prevents some slowness in Excel's normal startup and its interaction with other software such as MatLab.  You can re-enable the add-in for use with ChemDraw:

Open Excel, either from the taskbar or Start Menu. NOTE: after the spreadsheet is open, you will need to REPEAT the next few steps twice.
Select the Green File tab at the upper-left:
The Excel
Click on the Options item near the bottom of the left column. This will open the Excel Options window.

Select Add-Ins from the left-hand column.  At the bottom of the Add-Ins dialog, choose COM Add-Ins from the dropdown box and click the Go button next to it:

Excel Add-ins dialog, under
The COM Add-Ins dialog will display. Check the ChemDrawExcelAddIn and click the OK button:
Selecting add-ins to include or exclude
You will be returned to the Excel spreadsheet, but the Add-In will not actually be activated.  Repeat this procedure (start by clicking on the green "File" tab). This second time, the Add-In will activate.

Remember that if you want to use the ChemDraw Excel Add-In, you must specifically activate it for EACH lab workstation you sign onto.


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