Passwords & Logins FAQ

How do I reset the password for my WMuserid account?

If you know your existing password, visit to reset your password.  If you do not know your current password, please call the TSC (757-221-4357).  There is also a self-service password recovery option.

Can I recover my own password if I forget it?

Yes!  Instructions for self-service set-up and to initiate a self-service password recovery are found on our WMuserid Password Recovery page.

I thought I changed my password, but it's not allowing me to login with my new password.

Try again.  When resetting your password it is important follow-through the entire 3-step process, until you are given the option to logout.  If your account was locked, it will be unlocked after 5 minutes.  If you still encounter problems, call the TSC (757-221-4357). 

I use a Mac.  I just changed my password and now I cannot connect to the wireless.

You need to clear-out your keychain.  Turn-off your Airport.  Click on your Desktop.  Select Go at the top of the screen > Utilities > Keychain Access.  In the Categories section, select Passwords.  Delete your Network Password ( 

If this does not work, you may also need to delete your user profile.  To do so, go to System Preferences > Airport > Advanced.  Select the tab 802.1X.  You will see a list of User Profiles.  Select your W&M Profile (W-M_Wireless...) and hit the minus button to remove.  Click OK and Apply.

I reset my WMuserid password from home.  Now my work laptop won't let me login.

To update your login on your laptop, you have to connect via a wired connection to the W&M Network.  At that point your computer will sync with your new password. Until you can connect to wired W&M network continue to login to your laptop with your old password. You should use your new password on web sites that require a WMuserid to login.

How do I access my WMapps account?

Once you've set-up your WMuserid, go to to activate your student WMapps account.  The same website can be used to reset your WMapps password.  After your account has been established, you can access WMapps by going to or through myWM

I'm having trouble logging in to Banner Admin.

You can reset your own password by logging into Banner Self-Service with your WMuserid. Click the Banner Password Reset tab.  You will be issued a temporary password which you can use to access Banner Admin and it will immediately prompt you to reset the password.  Enter the temporary password in the Old Password field and proceed. 

How can I access Simplicity as a graduate?

If you graduated after 2007, you probably still have an active W&M account, which you can use to login to Simplicity. If you have encounter problems logging in, you may need to reset your password.  Contact the TSC.

If you graduated prior to 2007 or you are an employer, contact the Cohen Career Center for login assistance.