William & Mary

Videoconferencing Options

There are many options for video collaboration in the classroom and beyond. Check out these offerings to find out what best suits your needs. Classroom Support is available in Jones 206 and at 757-221-3011 for consultation on videoconferencing options and requirements.

W&M-Supported Services

SeeVoghJohn Drummond and Jeff Cahoon with SeeVogh
  • What: High-quality videoconferencing tool
  • Why: Virtual meeting space that supports multiple users and screen sharing in a higher-quality format than Skype or Google Hangout. Multiple types of meeting rooms available, including Round Table, Classroom, Plenary Session and Webinar style. Sessions can be recorded and referenced through Blackboard and webpages. SeeVogh can connect with standards-based videoconferencing systems
  • How: Free for W&M faculty and staff. Meeting planner must be a Fac/Staff member, but anyone can participate
  • There is a new client software available for SeeVogh. This software should make it easier for those joining a meeting, especially for first-time participants. Access the software here
  • Support: Collaboration with Classroom Support (757-221-3011) is recommended for initial use
Cisco Jabber Video
  • What: High-quality videoconferencing tool
  • Why: Freely available, capable of multiple users, allows video with other Jabber users and with standards-based videoconferencing hardware, like PolyCom units
  • How: Requires download and installation
  • Support: Collaboration with Classroom Support (757-221-3011) is recommended
Adobe Connect
  • What: Sophisticated collaborative Web meeting solution
  • Why: Hosted virtual meeting space that supports multiple users, screen sharing and many other useful features including virtual whiteboards and automated breakout groups
  • How: Adobe Connect licenses cost $140/year and may be purchased through support.wm.edu. Contact [[jgdrummond, John Drummond]] about short-term trial use
  • Support: Contact Classroom Support (757-221-3011)
Self-Service Options

  • What: Basic and best-known option for most users
  • Why: Free one-on-one calling with decent quality video for personal use
  • How: Requires program installation and registration with Skype
  • Support: See the Skype support website for more information
Google Hangout
  • What: Google’s videoconferencing tool
  • Why: Similar quality to Skype, but with more features including multiple callers, screen sharing and integration of other Google apps. Can be a useful collaborative study tool
  • How: Requires download and Google+ account (or a simple activation for anyone with a WMApps account)
  • Support: See Hangouts Help