William & Mary

Academic Information Services

The Academic Information Services (AIS) team works with faculty members, students and administrators to ensure that William & Mary is a place where academic excellence and innovative research are the norm. Four groups comprise AIS:

Academic Technology Specialists

When a professor asks a "How do I...?" question, the Academic Technology Specialist comes up with a creative solution that reflects the best of what modern technology has to offer. That said, our faculty members don't always know what questions to ask and that's okay. It's our job to assess your unique needs with the ultimate goal of enhancing your curriculum. We know that collaboration is key.

ATS Staff

  • Mike Blum - Humanities | 757-221-7550 | [[mxblum]]
  • April Lawrence - School of Education | 757-221-1450 | [[adlawrence]]
  • Pablo Yanez - Sciences | 757-221-2647 | [[pxyane]]
  • Adam Barger - Social Sciences | 757-221-1635 | [[apbarger]]
AIS Engineers

AIS's engineering team, a group of individuals with a wide-ranging set of skills, takes care of all the computing, hardware and software needs of William & Mary's faculty and academic department staff.

AISE Staff

  • Jeff Cahoon | 757-221-2310 | [[jhcahoon]]
  • Joe Cunningham | 757-221-1715 | [[jrcunningham]]
  • John Drummond | 757-221-1597 | [[jgdrummond]]
  • Mark Eaton | 757-221-1127 | [[mxeato]]
Blackboard Support

Have questions about working with Blackboard?  Our LMS Applications Specialist can help. 

  • Position currently vacant | 757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[bbhelp]]
Instructional Design

Need help with online or blended course design?  Consult with our W&M Instructional Designer.

  • Ali Briggs | 757-221-1102 | [[acbriggs]]
Classroom Support

Classroom Support is tasked with the challenge of ensuring reliable technology in over 100 classrooms on campus. When a problem arises in class, the response is so quick that many of us suspect the golf carts they drive are jet-fueled.  For support, call 757-221-3011.