Tivoli Endpoint Manager

Formerly known as Bigfix

Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) is a patch management software suite that allows IT to deploy patches and updates to campus-owned computers for third party applications.   Third party applications include Adobe, Flash, Firefox, Shockwave and Java. 

Keep your computer secure

Keeping your applications up-to-date ensures your computer is not vulnerable to various internet threats.  New vulnerabilities are discovered every month.   Failure to keep all applications up-to-date  can place everyone on the network at risk.  TEM allows IT to automatically push the appropriate patches and updates to your computer once each has been evaluated. 


The Tivoli Endpoint Manager will be automatically installed on all Windows computers managed by IT.  If you have a college-owned Mac, you can manually download Tivoli Endpoint Manager to your computer.

The icon, bigfix icon,  in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) indicates that Tivoli has been installed and is running.  If an upgrade to software requires your machine to restart, you will be presented with a message that lets you choose when to restart your computer.

I'm being prompted to restart my computer by Tivoli Endpoint Manager.  Should I restart?

Yes.  This software is managed by William & Mary IT engineers and a request for a restart means their is a critical update that needs to be installed on your computer.

How does TEM know which updates and patches to apply? 

The Tivoli Endpoint Manager creates an inventory of software installed on each computer.  This inventory is automatically compared against a list of available updates.

How is this different than the other updates IT pushes out? 

Tivoli Endpoint Manager will handle patching of third party applications like Adobe Acrobat, Flash and Firefox into addition to patches for Windows and other Microsoft products. 

I have a MAC.  Does this affect me? 

Tivoli Endpoint Manager is available for Macs and may be downloaded.  The client is only licensed for use on College owned computers. 

What happens if I don't install Tivoli Endpoint Manager? 

If you have a computer managed by IT, TEM will be installed automatically.  It isn't a requirement for any other computers.  But it is your responsibility to keep current with security updates needed for your computer.