Campus Phone System

The W&M campus switched to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system in 2011.  The VoIP phones run through the campus network, connecting through a network jack.  The VoIP system integrates with your computer desktop and offers a wide variety of phone services. 

Voice Mail
First things first!  Get your Voice Mail box set-up by setting a password and a greeting. Learn more about this and other voice mail functions on our Voice Mail website.

Dialing Instructions

On-Campus: just dial the last five digits of the campus phone number.  For example, 757-221-5555 would be 1-5555.

Off-Campus:  In most cases, to dial off-campus simply add a "9" in front of the phone number. 

For more dialing instructions see Phone Services for Departments

Using the Phones

Self-guided resources for using the phones can be found in Phone Support.  There you will find online tutorials, quick reference guides, and step-by-step guides for some of the more popular features.


Where the phone meets the computer!  Have alerts come to your desktop, view your call history, or even send your voice mails to your email Inbox.  All this is done through Communicator