Computers & Software

Need to order a computer or some software for your work computer?  You've come to the right place.   The links will get you started in the process.

Note for W&M Schools: The process for ordering computers and software as well as technical support might be different if you work in one of the various schools at W&M (School of Business, School of Law, or School of Education).  Please consult with your department for guidance. 

Get your Equipment

PCs are usually leased for 3-year (laptops) and 4-year (desktop) cycles through the Equipment Service Program (ESP). Find pricing through the Request IT system. 

Macs and PCs can be bought as well.  For more information, visit Buy or Lease a Computer

Set-Up Support

Staff  - The Technology Support Center (TSC) will assist you in getting your new system up and running.  They are also a resource for any support you may need thereafter.  Contact the TSC by calling 757-221-4357 (HELP) or emailing [[support]], Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

Faculty -  The Academic Information Services Engineers assist faculty in setting-up their computers and for future support.  You would contact the the AIS engineer that works specifically with your department. 


Get Software

We divide our software offerings into two categories.  There is software that is purchased (but offered at a discounted rate) and there is software that is licensed.  Most of the software that you need to get started (Microsoft Office, Adobe products, etc.) is purchased, and you do so through a system called Request IT.   After that, take a look at the Licensed Software that we offer.  You might find some things that will be useful for your new position.

Discounted Software  (Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.)

Licensed Software (Most everything else)


Personal Use

There are even some great deals you can take advantage of for your personal computers and software.

Buy a Computer for Personal Use

Discounts on Microsoft Office and Apple Software (bottom of page)


Helpful Links

Get Help (IT Tech Support)
Find-out who to talk to if your computer gets stuck.

Computer Service Agreement for Faculty/Staff
This agreement outlines computer support provided to students at William and Mary by IT's Technology Support Center.

Top Ten Security Tips
Keep your computer and your account safe.