Your Employment Forms

Completing the I-9 Form

All employees of W&M must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 between the time an offer of employment is received and the end of the first day on the job. Note the I-9 is an online form.  The link to this online I-9 should have been provided to you in your offer letter or by the hiring department.  If you have been offered a job and have not been provided the link to the online I-9 form, please contact your hiring manager or the Office of Human Resources.

The hiring manager or an authorized person in your Department or Office of Human Resources must use the on-line I-9 website to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 while examining evidence of identity and employment eligibility within three (3) business days of the date employment begins (you must present original documents identified by the USCIS).

On your first day you should bring with you the appropriate evidence of identity and employment eligilibility. Your department will either complete Section 2 or send you to Human Resources to complete that section.

Additional Forms

You should also print and complete the forms below prior to your employment.  Bring these completed forms to your Benefit Orientation. If you are unable to print and complete these forms prior to beginning employment, a hard copy of each form is available in the Office of Human Resources. If you have questions about completing these forms, a representative from the Office of Human Resources and the Payroll Office will be able to answer your questions at the Benefit Orientation.