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Phase 1: Planning

Best practices, requirements and additional resources.

This is the first and foundational phase of Performance Management. The skills of communication and collaboration are critical in designing a plan that can be monitored and evaluated fairly as well as providing the employee with goals for developing new career skills over the course of the year. Supervisors and employees should work on Performance Planning to begin the cycle.

"Planning" refers to establishing the core responsibilities for a position, the relative weight of that responsibility and the measurement or expectation. In addition the employee and supervisor uses this opportunity to set developmental goals for individuals to channel their growth as an employee of the College.

Effective performance planning requires clear communication of core responsibilities and expectations. Involving employees in the planning process helps them to better understand how their responsibilities relates to the success of the organization. Taking the time to discuss how each core responsibility will translate into one of the five ratings with examples of what type of performance competency and behaviors are expected to earn each rating level accomplishes two objectives. First, the Employee will begin the Performance Management cycle with a clear understanding of the expectations for the year and exactly how they will be rated for their behaviors and performance. Second, this up front understanding should reduce a "surprise" evaluation rating at the time of the annual evaluation.

When does this phase start?
  • Classified and Operational Employees: begin in October or 30 days after last evaluation
  • Professional and Professional Faculty: begin in July
  • New hires (in any category): complete in the first 30 days of employment
Why do a Performance Plan?
  • Support W&M goals and objectives
  • Facilitate employee development
  • Provide quality feedback to employee on skills and competencies
  • Gives positive & negative feedback
  • Links salary increase to performance (Professional & Operational)
  • Handles performance problems immediately
  • Involves interim feedback
  • Involves NO SURPRISES!

Performance Planning & Evaluation Form: Classified & Operational Employees (pdf)

Performance Planning & Evaluation Policy

Position Description Form - updated 11-09 (.doc)

Physical Requirements Worksheet: Classified & University - updated 11-09 (.doc)

Planning Checklist for Managers (pdf)

Action Verbs for SMART Objectives (pdf)

SMART Definitions (pdf)

Basic Competency Matrix by Rating (pdf)

Expectation to Rating Worksheet (pdf)