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W&M Opportunities

You are important. You are valuable. You come to work every day, striving to do your best. We want to help.

You'll find leadership opportunities under Leadership Programs. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and are at every level of the organization. Some leaders have formal titles while others lead more informally. Our programs are both formal and informal as well. Please continue your leadership journey through these specific programs, and some of the programs offered through the Be Your Best initiative.

Four different areas of programming can be found in Be Your Best: At Work; Communications/Team Building; Health & Wellness; and, Mastering Technology. The programs will help you not only develop specific job skills and provide professional development opportunities, but it will guide you to be your best in other parts of life, too.

Newest Health & Wellness program -- Change Your Health, Change Your Life -- available March 23rd.

Thank you for being part of William & Mary and bringing your best every day.  We appreciate YOU!