Supervisors are responsible for developing performance goals and objectives along with input from employees; communicating throughout the performance management cycle about employees' performance on goals, responsibilities, competencies and development activities; recognizing and rewarding excellent performance and providing coaching and feedback where needed to improve performance deficiencies; and ensuring that employees have the tools, resources, and training and development needed to carry out their responsibilities successfully.

Supervisors may view a narrated training presentation available on the link below. The narrated presentation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you have the corresponding documents available to you as you view the presentation. Click the link below to view in the presentation in PowerPoint 2010. Choose open and then hit the F5 key to start the presentation. If you need to stop at any point during the presentation hit the ESC key.

Performance Evaluation Training for Supervisors – Narrated Version (pptx)

Performance Planning and Evaluation Policy for Professional and Professional Faculty (pptx)

Corresponding Documents for viewing the narrated version:

Performance Planning & Evaluation Form (pdf)

Competency Matrix by Rating (pdf)

W&M Rating Scale (pdf)

Expectation - Rating Worksheet (pdf)