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Leave Donation Request Patricia Smith

Full Description

The Office of Human Resources has received a leave donation request from Patricia Smith an employee at The College of William and Mary. In accordance with the Leave Share Program, she has met the recipient eligibility criteria for the leave share program.

Under the leave share program, the following applies to those employees who wish to donate leave:

  1. Donors must be full-time or part-time classified/operational or professional employees.
  2. You may donate only earned annual leave.
  3. Donations must be in eight (8) hour increments.
  4. Donations may not be reclaimed unless the "Leave Donor Form" has not been processed.

If you wish to donate annual leave, you may download the Leave Donor Form from the HR web site Leave Donor Form

Please complete complete and return the Leave Donor Form to the Office of Human Resources. Also, please share this information with employees who do not have access to E-mail.

If you have questions regarding the leave share program or eligibility criteria to be a leave donor, please email AskHR@wm.edu.