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Student Insurance Direct Enrollment

Students, who are required to have health insurance and who wish to enroll in the W&M-sponsored Student Insurance Plan, may opt for direct enrollment and payment of the health insurance cost on UnitedHealthcare StudentResources home page using a Credit Card or eCheck WITHOUT incurring an additional credit card convenience fee.

The William & Mary Student Accounts department accepts cash, personal checks, money orders and cashier's check for payment of tuition, fees and other associated charges such as the premium cost for the Health Insurance Policy.  Student Accounts has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer online credit card and e-payments options but TMS charges a convenience fee based on the amount that is being paid.  To avoid paying the TMS convenience fee, students may enroll directly with UHCSR either using online enrollment or the mail-in enrollment form

Your direct enrollment with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources must be completed PRIOR to the posted Waiver Request Deadline (July 1 for Fall and January 10 for Spring) to avoid having your Student Account billed for the Student Insurance Plan. Failure to do so may result in a double payment for the College-sponsored Student Insurance Plan.

Important Note

UHCSR requires payment of the full and correct premium for the selected coverage period at the time of your enrollment. Refunds will be permitted ONLY if it is later determined that you are not eligible or upon entrance into the Armed Forces.