Elections for the Executive positions for both the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council are held at the end of the Fall semester. The term of office is the calendar year. The methods for selecting the respective officers are quite different and can be viewed in the IFC and Panhellenic constitutions & by-laws. The officer positions are listed below, but position descriptions can be found in the applications.

Congratulations to the new 2015 Executive Boards! Applications for both IFC and Panhellenic Executive Boards wil be availble in the fall semester.

2015 IFC Executive Officers

IFC President: Paul Naisbitt
Executive Vice President: Giorgio Caterini
VP Recruitment: Will Adie
VP Conduct: David Baas
VP Programming: David Hollingsworth
VP Community Service: Marcus Prater
VP Scholarship: DH Nam
VP Public Relations: Alex Don
VP Administration: Matt Cho

2015 Panhellenic Executive Officers

President: Kendall Carter
Vice President: Alex Goreing
VP Recruitment: Jennifer Steinhilber
VP Programming: Ally Phillips
VP Community Service: Jen Hartley
VP Conduct: Samantha Gorney
VP Scholarship: Emma Craige
VP Public Relations: Sam Ryan
VP Development: Rachel Johnson
VP Finance: Kate Irvin
VP Administration: Alexandra Johnson