Greek Glossary

Greek Alphabet

Active: Term used to refer to an undergraduate member of a fraternity or sorority. An active has pledged and been initiated and is not studying abroad.

Alumnae or Alumni: An initiated member who is no longer in college.

Bid: A formal invitation to a prospective member to join a fraternity/sorority

Bid Day: The last day of recruitment when prospective members decide which chapter to join and sign their bids.

Big Sister or Brother: After several weeks, a new member will be assigned an initiated member to be his/her big brother or sister. This older member serves as a resource, role model, and problem solver for the new member.

Chapter: A local chartered group of a national fraternity/sorority

Formal Recruitment: The major period of time set aside by the ISC and CFA with a series of organized events for meeting potential new members, also known as rush.

Fraternity: Formally, the name applied to all Greek letter organizations. Informally, the name applied to men's groups.

Initiation: A ceremony in which a pledged member becomes an active member

Inter-Fraternity Council: The governing body of the campus fraternities.

Legacy: A person whose direct relative (parent, sibling, grandparents) is an alumna or active member of a fraternity/sorority. Legacy stipulations differ for each sorority and fraternity

North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC): A national organization composed of 63 member men's fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social Greek - letter society of college men and alumni.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC): A national organization composed of 26 member women's fraternities, each of whom is autonomous as a social Greek - letter society of college women and alumnae.

National Pan - Hellenic Council (NPHC): The governing body of the nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities.

Panhellenic Council: The governing body of the campus sororities and women's fraternities.

Pledge/New Member: A man/woman who has accepted a bid of a fraternity/sorority but is not yet initiated

Quota: The specified number of potential new members each sorority chapter can pledge.

Recruitment Counselors: Greek women carefully selected and trained to guide potential new members and answer any questions with regard to sorority recruitment

Sorority: A Greek-letter sisterhood, also called a women's fraternity