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Fraternity & Sorority Life Is

Rather than provide a list of statistics that show how fraternity and sorority members have influenced society, we thought we'd let you know how fraternity/sorority membership has impacted real people at William & Mary.  We asked members of our community, both current students and alumni, to share a few thoughts about how joining a fraternity or sorority positively impacted not just their college experiences, but their lives. Take some time to find out what being a fraternity man or sorority woman means to these indivuals and hopefully you will also start to think about what it could mean to you.

luke head
Fraternity Life is a Foundation for your Future
Name: Luke Gill
Class of: 2009
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Government
renzy head
Fraternity Life is Devotion to Principles
Name: Renzy Bryant
Class of: 2009
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Major(s): Sociology and Black Studies
jason head
Fraternity Life is Learning to Lead
Name: Jason Gangwer
Class of: 2012
Hometown: Virginia Beach
Major(s): Art History and Business
Donn hs
Fraternity Life is Lifelong Bonds
Name: Donn T. Wonnell
Class of: 1969
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA and Indianapolis, IN
Major: History
Billy hs
Fraternity Life is Making a Difference
Name: Billy Kopp
Class of: 2012
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Majors: Business and History
beau head
Fraternity Life is Redefining Convention
Name: Beau Blumberg
Class of: 2011
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: Government
Caroline Thumb
Sorority Life is a Foundation for your Future
Name: Caroline Groom
Class of: 2010
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Major: Finance
Hwang Thumb
Sorority Life is Devotion to Priciples
Name: Sarah Hwang
Class of: 2010
Hometown: Vienna, VA
Major: Neuroscience
Rojas Thumb
Sorority Life is Learning to Lead
Name: Sarah Rojas
Class of: 2010
Hometown: Summit, NJ
Major: Government
Sophie Lee hs
Sorority Life is Lifelong Bonds
Name: Sophie Lee
Class of: 1990
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Major: Psychology
AJ Saltz Thumb
Sorority Life Is Making a Difference
Name: AJ Saltz
Class of: 2010
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Major: Geology
Amy Thumb
Sorority Life is Redefining Convention
Name: Amy Rarig
Class of: 2010
Hometown: Smithfield, VA
Major: Geology