Meet Our Intern

Lexi ColeAlexandra "Lexi" Cole is a senior who transferred her sophomore year from American University. Lexi assists Fran Bradford and Mike Connolly with research and meeting/event preparations for state and federal relations. She helps to plan and execute the annual “Road to Richmond” event for William & Mary students. Lexi has lived in a variety of cities in Illinois, Colorado and Texas. She enjoys reading political science thrillers and endeavors to travel at every opportunity. From her time living in Colorado, she fell in love with outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding and white water rafting. In 2011, Alexandra enlisted in the Army National Guard, taking two years off from college for training purposes, and is now serving the Maryland Army National Guard as a Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analyst (35G). She plans to continue her education into graduate school and to hold a career in Washington DC using her training as an analyst and her knowledge of foreign affairs to work as a Foreign Service officer in the future.