First-Year Initiatives

Essential Initiatives

These four programs are considered "essential" in the holistic development of W&M students as each supports a key element found within our community.

The College Transition

Health Outreach Peer Educators (HOPE) will present a program that introduces you to one of the College’s newest traditions: flourishing. Learn to self-cope and to become more resilient every day, so that the stressors of life morph into something more manageable for you. And because we’re all part of One Tribe, One Family, we’ll also teach you the skills to help others in need.  

Healthful Relationships

This program is a follow up to the Sex & Alcohol: Making a Tribe Choice session. This program is special, as the presenters are current William & Mary students who are dedicated to promoting healthful relationships, reducing sexual violence, and supporting survivors.  One set of programs is for male-designated floors, one set is for female-designated floors, and there will be at least one mixed programs for everyone, regardless of your sex or gender identity.

Dialogue on Diversity

This program is a follow up to the One Tribe, Many Voices session. Students will be able to explore further the various areas of diversity with current William & Mary students who will present this topic from the peer perspective.

Community Values and Responsibilities

This program is a follow up to the Community Values and Responsibilities offered during the initial New Student Orientation. Members of the Honor and Student Conduct Councils will present scenarios that reflect some of the issues that freshmen face during their first year in college and steps they can take to avoid pitfalls that may arise during their time at the university.