Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Due January 17

In the event of certain emergencies — an outbreak of pandemic flu, for instance — W&M will close. As such, you are required to develop and document two Personal Evacuation Plans. These plans must include:

  1. Your full name and university ID number
  2. Addresses of two locations, preferably in different cities, with one location within a reasonable driving distance of Williamsburg
  3. How you will get to each destination
  4. Whether you are able and willing to provide transportation to other students, and if so, how many
  5. Whether you are able and willing to provide temporary housing to other students, and if so, how many
Living off-campus?

If you live off-campus you don't have to to file a plan, but we still encourage you to do so. Because of the need for a quick response in such times, you are the only person who can effectively plan for yourself.

Submit your Evacuation Plan

Please submit your evacuation plan by January 17, 2018. While the university requires you to provide this information only once, you will be able, and are encouraged, to update your plans at any time. You'll be asked to review your plan each fall semester.

Is this mandatory?

Yes. If you live on campus and fail to complete the Personal Evacuation Plan, you will be subject to charges through the Student Code of Conduct for Failure to Comply with Directions.

You are also responsible for notifying your families of their plans and any changes. So if your plan relies upon someone else in order for it to work, we strongly encourage you to talk with that person before completing or changing your plan.

More information about W&M's Emergency Response Plan can be found on the Emergency Preparedness website: