Will Adie

Area: Green & Gold Village
Email Will: [[e|wladie]]

About Will

Will is a rising senior majoring in marketing and minoring in avoiding sciences at all costs. He hails from Andover, Massachusetts, and his Boston accent only comes out when you get him talking about Dunkin'''’ Donuts. Will has never had a sip of Starbucks in his life, and didn’t even begin to consider leaving the Northeast for W&M until he realized there was a Dunkin'''’ Donuts kind of near campus. Will is involved in numerous different parts of campus (mainly to pretend he isn’t an introvert) including campus tour guides, Health Outreach Peer Educators, and a social fraternity. Occasionally, Will shows his true soul of a 65 year old man during his leisurely rounds of golf with the Club Golf team, often ending with him yelling at college students to get off his lawn. Will has been a freshman Orientation Aide for the past two years (shout out to the Monbros of Bromon and the Botta-hotties of Bottatot) and is super excited to welcome new students to the College again this fall!

Some fun facts: Will has a twin sister but he’s older and won’t let her ever forget it, Will’s first word was “Dunkin'''”, and his doctor diagnosed him with a “soda addiction” when he was 13 years old (which he is proud to say he has since overcome!)