Ryan Haarstick

Area: Botetourt
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About Ryan

Ryan Haarstick is from Lincoln, Massachusetts and a sophomore at the College.  He recently discovered how amazing Denny’s is and he wants the world to know.  He doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach, unless there is food involved.  Ryan enjoys skiing and snowboarding but can’t actually snowboard.  He has a golden retriever named Bode that is almost 8 years old but is still his baby.  Ryan is an adamant pronouncer of “.gif” with a “g” sound much like the words “golden”, or “gosh, can’t we talk about movies or food instead?”.  Ryan is kind of in to technology.  You can judge that yourself by asking him about the computer he built or all of the hilarious and cool stories he has working in IT.  Ryan doesn’t drink soda, not because of health reasons, but because he made a new years resolution 3 years ago that he has stuck to, very much unlike every single other one he ever made.  If he could be a type of bagel he would be onion-bran because he could die of old age and never be eaten alive.  Ryan, being from New England, is an avid Patriots fan and a full supporter of the #FreeBrady movement.  He is also a huge soccer fan and loves the London based team Arsenal.  In his opinion, the best tasting way to eat a potato is to cook it literally any way, but just at least cook it. Ryan has had a massive spider crawl over his face, on purpose.  Ryan is deathly afraid of Spiders.  He was once asked if he could be Batman or Superman. His answer was: “Are you kidding me?”.  Ryan is as excited about orientation than he was when Malcolm Butler made the goal line interception during Super Bowl XLIX.  Go Pats.