Neena Aravindan

Area: BroMon
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About Neena

Neena hails from the great(ly underestimated) state of New Jersey, where she did not in fact acquaint herself with the cast of a certain MTV reality show. She is a sophomore and has not yet declared a major, with interests in Chemistry, Mathematical Biology, Public Health, Music, Religious Studies, any and every other academic subject offered at the College, and finding a bagel in Williamsburg that is worthy of her home state. A member of the service fraternity APO, Honor Council, frequenter of the Music Library, and proud former Orientation Aide of Bromon (Ooh eat Wawa!), Neena loves William and Mary for its supportive, nerdy, and quirky community of people. She is particularly proud of her ability to spot and grab an empty table at Swemromas Cafe within .0015 seconds of someone leaving it. You can most likely find Neena in the ISC 3 lobby lamenting over the lack of electrical outlets, where she will be more than glad to say hello, give a hug, and welcome you to campus!