William and Mary
Will Hoing

Mary Beth Berg

Area: Brown and Monroe (BroMon)
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About Mary Beth

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Chicago, there was a young girl named Mary Beth.  Growing up with three brothers, she fell in love with all things athletic and outdoors.  As a child, the doctors thought something was wrong with Mary Beth as she was always found running in circles aimlessly in the backyard.  Even though they never discovered a cure, luckily they did find her the track.  If you're looking for cheap entertainment you can still find her sprinting in Zable Stadium with the rest of the Tribe track team.  When she's not on the move, you can find her enthralled by her ant farm (which she tends to twice a day) or at the zoo, where she is constantly asked to leave for trying to teach the chimps choreographed dancing.  Mary Beth is also an avid bazooka bubble gum chewer and proudly holds her hometown record for most gum chewed in one minute (she is also the only person to ever compete in this event).  Upon her arrival at William and Mary, she developed a passion for all things Orientation.  She is thrilled to be returning to BroMon in August, this time as their OAD.  Mary Beth cannot wait to meet the newest members of the class of 2018 and share with them her love of William and Mary.  Some of her other hobbies include snowboarding, baking, reading, playing piano, traveling, and more recently, almond milk.  She also has an unexplained love for the Disney Princess, Cinderella, and hopes that one day all of her dreams will come true.  In the words of fellow OAD Joanna, "Mary Beth has been known to resemble 87% of princess qualities--only the best ones--and 100% of life-ninja qualities".