William and Mary
John Michael King

Mark Kendrick

Area: Parent and Family Orientation
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About Mark

A lone ranger from the Dirty Jerz, Marky Mark, or more commonly known as Mark Kendrick, and his Funky Bunch of two siblings and three dogs grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey. When it came time to depart from the 201 and his Funky Bunch for college, Marky Mark took his talents to the 'Burg at good old William & Mary. The combination of wild squirrels, unstable brick-ways, and tri-corner hats made it the ideal place for him to spend his next four years. Upon arriving at William & Mary, Marky Mark continued his musical endeavors with groups like The Botetourt Chamber Singers and The Gentlemen of the College. When he isn't coming up with new sweet beats, Marky Mark serves as a member of the peer educator group 'Someone You Know', acts as a member of the TRAIN team, and hangs with his brothers of Beta Theta Pi. As a PFOAD with his partner in crime Meghan Sheehan, Marky Mark is very excited for this year's Orientation. He hopes that Orientation will be nothing short of 'Good Vibrations' for all the new students and their parents.