Madison Ochs

Area: Botetourt
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About Madison

Madison is a current junior at the college pursuing a self-designed major in Something Really Absurdly Complicated, with a minor in 8AM Classes at the Mason School of Business. She hails from Lawrenceville, New Jersey but never neglects to mention that she was born in Los Angeles, California because it’s crucial that people know this. She transferred here as a second-semester sophomore from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She is frequently heard reminding people, “I’m new here” when she doesn’t know the answer to a very basic question (ie. how to print in Sadler). Madison quite literally threw herself face-first into campus life here at William & Mary from the day she stepped on campus and hasn’t looked back since. She is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma and volunteers as a Confidential Advocate at The Haven, and plays club lacrosse. When she isn’t in a meeting or class, she is sitting at the Daily Grind pretending to do work while drinking a dirty chai (she had graduated to two shots of espresso because caffeine is a life fuel).

A little known fact about Madison is that she is clinically obsessed with Orientation and the Office of First-Year Experience. She hardly ever talks about it and definitely doesn’t like to bring up the amazing time she had as an PFOA on the Botetourt staff. She kept a low profile during Orientation, choosing to wear a neon yellow fanny pack, oversized bright blue sneakers, an upside down visor, and green flippy shades so that she would blend into the crowd. Do not ask her about how she grew as a person while orienting her freshman hall, whether she made irreplaceable friends, or whether she would recommend applying to be an Orientation Aide to other students. She definitely did not get teary-eyed when one of her orientation students accidentally called her “Mom” and then continued to do so for the duration of Orientation. Her role models are Sam Lull and Ian Kinney. This is one of her best kept secrets by far.

Madison’s guilty pleasures include Cosi, Game of Thrones, self-care, presentations given by Kelley Crace, and any song by Usher. She has never been to a Chick-fil-a, cares deeply about saving the bees, and never actually learned the Botestomp. She absolutely loves the Tribe with all her heart and is considering reapplying as a freshman in the class of 2023 so she can stay forever and ever.