Khaile Forbes

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About Khaile

Khaile Forbes is a rising senior at the College, majoring in Public Policy. While not at all related to the founder of the famous business magazine, he has lofty aspirations of his own. One of his primary goals in life is for people to stop pronouncing his name incorrectly; it’s pronounced like Kylie Jenner, but he doesn’t like to admit it since he doesn’t consider his lips to be one of his better features. His passion for W&M extends far beyond just orientation, as he’s also a part of Students for University Advancement and works as a Sport Club Supervisor for Campus Rec. When he isn’t on the court draining 3s*, the next most likely place you’ll find him is at Wawa, whose mac and cheese is the only thing within a 30 mile radius that compares to his momma’s home cookin’. He dreamt as a young child of being the lead man for a famous Fleetwood Mac cover band, and, while that hasn’t exactly panned out for him yet, you can still hear him practicing in the shower every morning, hoping to keep dreams (like the song) alive. 107% sure that he was a Brit in his past life, he wakes up early every weekend morning to watch the day’s soccer matches from across the pond. And don’t be fooled by his big smile or warm hugs—he’s a vicious beast on the sticks, unforgivably beating down unsuspecting opponents in FIFA AND 2K**. He has an expansive sense of humor, so never be afraid to say a joke when he’s around; if all else fails, you can count on him to appreciate it and give you a laugh. More than anything however, he’s a people person who finds his greatest joy in getting to know people, their stories, and their perspectives.

*airballing 3s actually

** so talented I know