William and Mary
Jale Uncu

Joe Foster

Area: Botetourt
Email Joe: [[e|alfoster]]

About Joe

To read this most accurately (and enjoyably), please put on 80's workout clothes to match Will Smith in the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Sweat bands are not optional.  Thank you.

Now this is the story, I’ll let you know
Of how my name got flipped from Alexandria to Joe
And I’d like to take a minute, or just the time you’ve got
I’ll tell you how I became an OAD for Botetourt

All around the world, I was born and raised,
On elephants and camels I spent most of my days
Too many “Alex’s” in elementary school
So I was renamed “Joe” and I thought it was cool
Adventuring, frolicking, and dancing in prime form
I’m all over William and Mary and I’m takin’ it by storm
I’m from the dirty ‘burg so they call me a “townie”
I’ve got the scoop on all food here—I love brownies! (and coffee—not part of the jam, but something everyone should know)

I’ve got Tribe Pride, oh yes I do
I’m in Theta, a tour guide, and an AidData nerd, too
I love IR, food, and planning and lists (but mostly food—again, not part of the jam, but very important base knowledge about me)
And when you all get here, we’re going to be pumping some fists
I whistled when I found myself an OAD for the Tot
Because I know it’s going to rock--we just so hot hot hot
Danly-Foster representing part of the incoming class
We’re so excited and ya’ll are going to kick some legitimate...butt.