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Jack Middough

Area: Yates
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About Jack

Contrary to his family's lofty expectations for him, Jack Middough actually managed to get into college, and has since remained since the start of his freshman yea. Hailing from Exit 105 off the NJ Parkway, Jack grew up on the dangerous streets of Oceanport where he spent his summers not stepping on used needles and other garbage on the Jersey Shore. He has taken 20 years to perfect many arts and skills, chief among them being the ability to sleep so late that he is still tired, losing graciously at FIFA, wearing the same pair of jeans through much of the calendar year, and growing A+ facial hair. Due to these and other solid life-skills, Jack was the obvious selection to be the OAD of Yates Hall. Jack is a history major because he can't be bothered to find a job out of college, and passes his time with the his brothers in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.