Erin Hegarty

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About Erin

Erin Hegarty is a junior at the College of William and Mary, all the way from the Empire State of New York, specifically the ~long island~ adjacent to the island of Manhattan (though she somehow made it out without an accent).  Erin is a middle child, lover of punny humor, and avid vest-wearer (honestly the best accessory to any outfit is a vest).  She is a proud American Studies major (one of only four in her graduating class), and can often be found roaming the halls of the American Studies Department in the College Apartments, arguably one of the coolest buildings on campus, second to only the Wren building.  When not obsessing over Orientation and how fun and wonderful it is, chances are, Erin is off obsessing over some other community-building affiliation. Whether it’s kicking a soccer ball around the field with her Club Soccer teammates or playing a round of Mancala with kids in an afterschool program through Lafayette Kids, she is always down for meaningful time to spend with others.  Finding community and building that community around her has always been an aspect of great importance for Erin.  Her favorite quote is by Marina Keegan, who writes, “We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.”  Erin has in many ways found her opposite of loneliness through the Orientation program here at the College, both as a new student and an Orientation Aid, and she hopes to be able to help others experience that as well through her work as an OAD.