Dylan Schuler

Area: J.R. HunTal & Co; Parent & Family Orientation
Email Dylan: [[e|djschuler]]

About Dylan

Dylan Schuler is a rising senior from Virginia Beach, VA, studying biology and music. If in response to that you ask him, “do you live near the beach?”, he will just say “yeah” because that’s cooler than saying “no, but it’s just like, a 20 minute drive down the highway.” As a former future doctor, he plans on attending a nursing program in pursuit of a licensure post-graduation, but at this point, he’s keeping his options open. On campus, Dylan keeps himself busy with various extracurricular involvements. These include jamming out with the William & Mary Pep Band, promoting the awareness of Filipino-American culture, and trying his best to play volleyball with the Men’s Club Volleyball team, where he plays left bench. His most impressive talent is being able to nap anywhere, anytime, and his most obnoxious one is the fact that he used to sarcastically refer to everything as “lit” but now he just can’t stop. Lit.

Dylan had the privilege of spending half of his childhood growing up overseas and consequently has a secret obsession with airplanes. With this experience, one of his aims is to make the Orientation programming as inclusive as possible, showcasing the various forms of diversity present on campus. He has been a Freshman Orientation Aide for the past two years (shoutout to GGV an J’HunTal) and wants to incorporate everything he witnessed and learned into another awesome Orientation session in 2017.