William and Mary
Ryan Barnes

Colin Danly

Area: Botetourt
Email Colin: [[e|cddanly]]

About Colin

Colin Danly, also known as Danimal, grew up in a kennel 30 miles north of Chicago. He came to Williamsburg in search of the abundant squirrel population and warmer weather.  After a couple years of chasing in vain, he realized his true calling was in public service.  He wandered into Morton Hall (home of the government department) one day and has been there ever since. When he is not stealing Frisbees from unassuming students on the Sunken Gardens, he is debating issues in the Student Assembly, giving tours of campus, and hanging out with the brothers of Beta Theta Pi. Colin Danly cannot stop wagging his tail at the thought of Orientation and he cannot wait to meet all the new members of the Tribe in the Botetourt complex.