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Charlie Engh

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About Charlie

The day was July 29, 1993, when into the world a fat baby whose head was way too large was born (99th percentile to be exact). His name was Charlie Engh.  Unlike most people from William and Mary, he was born and raised in the northern regions of Virginia.  As a young lad Charlie attended St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School from elementary through high school, where he slowly grew into his disproportionally large head.  When Charlie is not contemplating on how to make orientation better, you can fine him fishing, sailing, or really anything on the water.  Charlie is currently a Junior at the College majoring in neuroscience.  He is also a tour guide, and president of his fraternity and hoping to go to medical school in a couple years.  Besides that he is pumped to be an OAD and work with the rest of the spectacular staff.