William and Mary
Molly Hahn

Charlie Engh

Area: Green & Gold Village (GGV)
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About Charlie

The day was July 29, 1993, when the world was blessed with a fat baby whose head was way too large (99th percentile to be exact). His name was Charlie Engh.  Unlike most people from William and Mary, he was born and raised in the northern regions of Virginia.  As a young lad Charlie attended St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School from elementary through high school, where he slowly grew into his disproportionally large head.  The United States Military quickly noticed Charlie’s innumerable talents and utilized them across the globe; Fox Cable Network noticed his incredible exploits and modeled 24’s Jack Bauer after him.  Whenever Charlie “Jack Bauer” Engh was not saving the world from inescapable doom, he found himself fishing, sailing, rescuing orphanages from flaming bear attacks, or really anything on the water.  Charlie decided to take some time off from fighting villains and saving orphans to go to the College of William and Mary.  Charlie is currently a sophomore at the College, a tour guide, and a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.  You can find Charlie around campus studying or in deep thought figuring out what exactly does the fox says.  So far all he has come up with is that it communicates to horses through Mor-or-or-or-orse.  Besides that he is pumped to be an OAD for GGV with the notorious Joanna.