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Carly Shira

Area : Transfers
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About Carly

Carly Shira, aka Carly No-One-But-Her-Really-Knows-How-To-Say-Her-Last-Name, Shize, Scherbatsky, grew up in Denver, Colorado where she had no neighbors, ran marathons everyday, and skied to school. It is here she learned how to telecommunicate with animals, which is useful because of the abundant number of squirrels, the infamous Danimal, and this TOAD they keep talking about. She came to the East Coast in a search of manifest destiny and excited to meet William and Mary, who seemed pretty chill. She can be seen kicking a round ball around in rectangular pieces of grass and mentoring the children of Lafayette Village, most likely as an opportunity to revert to her mad coloring book skills. She enjoys activities with two letter acronyms: TA (teacher's assistant), RA (research assistant), OA (orientation aide). As an economics major and psychology minor, she has learned how to draw large X’s and overanalyze everything. She is exuberant about being the transfer OAD, although they haven’t yet told her where she is transferring…