William and Mary
Aaron Barksdale

Alex Greenspan

Area: Jefferson, Hunt and Taliaferro (J'HunTal)
Email Alex: [[e|ajgreenspan]]

About Alex

Alex Greenspan, or “Greenspan”, as his friends call him (you can call him Mr. Greenspan), grew up in the woods on the south side of Baltimore. There he developed his love of wearing flannel pajama pants in any situation and developed skills. He is a world champion welterweight, having once weighed 66 welters! Wow! During his few spare moments away from intellectualizing he can be seen guiding tours across campus and defending fraternities from the forces of Evil as president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. He’s famous on campus for his stand-up routine, entitled “What’s up with that?! And other jokes that never get old.” As a government major, he has learned how to shut down. But that won’t stop him from having the best time getting to know all the residents and Orientation Aides for Jefferson, Hunt, and Taliaferro.