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Orientation Aide Information

Leader, Educator, and Friend Rolled Into One NEON Yellow Shirt!

Freshman Orientation Aide (FOA)
Pairs (or trios) of FOAs will work to enhance the acclimation of new freshmen to the College and have the responsibility of accompanying their students to all mandatory Orientation activities.  After Orientation, FOAs are expected to continue to serve as role models and resources for their students.

Program & Family Orientation Aide (PFOA)

This position is a unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of Orientation, both behind the scenes and on center stage.  PFOAs work with families to provide a student perspective and respond to their questions and concerns.  In addition to providing a resource for families, PFOAs complement the work of other staff members through planning and organizing activities for new students.

Transfer Orientation Aide (TOA)

TOAs will work to enhance the acclimation of transfer students to the College and have the responsibility of accompanying their students to all mandatory Orientation activities.  After Orientation, TOAs are expected to continue to serve as role models and resources for their students.  TOAs have the unique opportunity to help welcome international, exchange and non-traditional aged students to the College. 

Responsibilities for All Positions:
  • Attend and fully participate in training and all orientation events (see dates below)
  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Uphold all W&M rules and regulations as well as orientation expectations
  • Return to campus on August 19, 2014 (tentatively)
  • Be available to work ALL of orientation (August 22-26, 2014)
  • Maintain enthusiasm and ensure participation at all orientation events
Friday, October 25, 2013

Returning OA Web Application Available

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Returning OA Applications Due
Week of November 11, 2013 Returning OA Interviews
Friday, November 22, 2013

Returning OA Decisions Emailed

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ROA Decisions Due

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Orientation Aide (NOA) Web Application Available

Friday, February 7, 2014

NOA Applications Due

Week of February 17, 2014

NOA Group Interviews

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NOA First Round Decisions

Week of March 17, 2014

NOA Individual Interviews

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NOA Decisions Available

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 (tentative)

Contracts Due to the FYE Office

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Training 

August 19 - 22, 2014

Summer Training

August 22-26, 2014

Orientation (morning, noon and night)

Qualifications for Employment:
  • Leadership potential
  • Positive communication skills
  • A desire to work with students, family, faculty and staff
  • Dedication to helping others
  • Integrity and ethical decision-making abilities
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Minimum academic success (MUST have a 2.5 cumulative GPA during the time of application and at the end of Spring Semester 2014)
  • Good standing in terms of honor or student conduct offenses (Contact Lauren Garrett before submission of application if you have either.)
Benefits of Orientation Position:
  • Significant leadership experience
  • Having a lasting impact on the future of William and Mary
  • Creating connections with a variety of students from the greater W&M community
  • Working with a team and meeting student leaders, new students and new friends
  • Gaining more knowledge of and an appreciation for William and Mary
  • Orientation meal plan for all staff and an early move-in process for on-campus OAs
  • Those neon yellow T-shirts
Frequently Asked Questions:
How competitive is the process?

The Orientation program at William and Mary is nationally recognized for our outstanding staff. This being said, the application process is extremely competitive. Numbers vary year to year.

Is preference given to students who are members of certain student organizations?

Applicants are given credit for their level of involvement and commitment to any aspect of the W&M community. Preference is not given to one organization or group over another. The depth and breadth of experience is more important than having one particular experience.

Can I work another job at any time?

You may hold another job, but NOT DURING orientation. You may not use another job or activity as an excuse for not attending training. Students cannot be Orientation Aides and Resident Assistants at the same time.

What happens during training?

You will spend time getting to know the other staff members and your Orientation Area Director(s). You will also learn about the services offered on campus, the advisement/registration process, and issues that may affect new students. There is also a commitment to expose you to experiences that will enhance your leadership skills.

Are there additional opportunities for OAs to work with orientation beyond the fall?

Orientation Aides are encouraged to maintain their relationship with their group and staff through the year and beyond. Besides the new student orientation program in August, there are other opportunities to assist with orientation. You may have the opportunity to work with Spring Orientation or the selection process for the orientation staff in 2015.

When will I know if I got a position?

We will make every effort to inform all interviewed candidates by email by the dates above. Those interviewed candidates will receive an email with the final decision.

How do I decide for which of the three positions I should apply?

You have the option to apply for one or all three of the orientation positions. This is a competitive process; therefore, a willingness to serve in any of the three positions will increase your chances of being selected to participate in orientation. The College and the Office of First YEar Experience value all three positions a great deal. Orientation cannot and will not be successful without outstanding students serving in all three capacities. Read the descriptions carefully and consider which position(s) are best suited to your strengths.

Additional Information:

If you would like additional information, contact the First Year Experience Office at 1-1431 or [[orientation,email Orientation]]. Please print this page for your records (printer friendly icon at bottom of page).