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Student Traveling Alone
Employee Traveling with Student
Athletics Team Travel
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Travel Involving Multiple Employees
Conferences, Seminars and Training Workshops

Student Traveling Alone

Students may be reimbursed for their expenses while traveling while performing services on behalf of the College of William and Mary.   Undergraduate or graduate students may travel in-state or out-of-state under the same regulations and procedures as any College employee.  An approved Travel Authorization is required for all out-of-state travel and any in-state travel involving any expenses greater than $500 per trip or trips that require overnight lodging.

Upon return from the trip, a Travel Reimbursement form must be submitted to the Travel Office, with all required original receipts attached. Reimbursement of expenses will be consistent with established travel policies. A student may obtain a travel advance for up to 100% of the cost of the trip, regardless of the cost of the trip, per the discretion of the campus department, under the same procedures used by employees.

However, student advances are the responsibility of the sponsoring department. A completed Travel Reimbursement form with the required documentation must be submitted to clear the advance within 60 business days after completion of the trip.

When student(s) travel with an employee and are being covered under the employee’s travel authorization, a list of the students must be attached to the employee’s travel authorization and submitted to the Travel Accounts Payable Office. The employee will receive the advance, pay all costs of the trip and submit the Travel Reimbursement form with receipts covering aggregate expenses of the employee and all students.

Employee Traveling with Student

It is the College’s opinion that CWM employees should not have the burden of paying for student travel-related expenses. For those travel-related expenses which are not allowed on the SPCC, the Commonwealth expects employees to pay for their own official business travel-related expenses and request reimbursement after the travel has occurred.

The College finds it inappropriate for an employee to have to “front” or pay for a student’s travel expenses and wait for reimbursement. The SPCC is allowed to be used for some travel-related expenses for both employees and students and the SPCC should be used to pay for allowed expenses.

For travel-related items which cannot be paid using the SPCC, CWM will allow the option of using travel advance funds to pay for all allowed travel-related expenses when traveling with students.  All of the state limits and regulations apply.

Examples of employees traveling with students:

  • Team Travel (When coaches travel with Athletic or Debate Teams. NOTE: CLUB Team Travel falls under Student Activities and Engagement.)
  • Study Abroad (When a professor travels with students as part of a study abroad program.)
  • Other Student Travel (When a professor travels with a student to a conference, for example.)

Athletics Team Travel

Athletic and other traveling teams of the College are given special exceptions to normal travel procedures in recognition of their unique travel situation.  The College will prepay or issue purchase orders where feasible.   The College will not issue a charge card or credit card for such travel.  Athletics Team Travel is bound by the rules of the State Travel Regulation with few exceptions listed below.

Definition of the Team

The Athletics Director or designee will identify before each team trip all College employees and team members who will constitute the team travel party on that trip. This list must be approved by the Director of Athletics prior to the trip.


If the College has entered into contracts with our travel agencies to provide air tickets billable directly to the College, all arrangements for team travel must be made through such agencies. Exceptions may be made for extended team travel required or provided in connection with tournament play, or as otherwise determined by the NCAA, including permitting arrangements for lower travel costs or cost-effective “package deals” through other travel agents.


When employees and student team members are given meal allowances in lieu of having a meal purchased for them, the amount of the allowance will equal not more than the maximum reimbursement for that meal under regulations governing employee travel. Each person receiving meal money shall sign for the amount received.


In the case of athletic team travel, it is required that a list of names for those who occupy the rooms be attached to the receipt(s), if they are not shown on the receipt(s) itself.   Rooms for team members and employees traveling as part of the team party are to be provided at the lowest possible cost.

Due to the need to accommodate team meetings and receive sponsors or press, the Director of Athletics and a team head coach may book an additional room or suite as necessary within the allowable State rates.

Cash Advances for Team Travel

Coaches may request a cash advance or pre‐payments on items such as hotel bills, registration and airfare using the Travel Authorization Form or using the department P-card.   A coach may obtain a travel advance for up to 100% of the cost of the trip per the discretion of the travel office.  All Travel Authorizations must be completed 10 days in advance of the trip to ensure cash advance can be process.  For questions please see Travel Advance Procedure

Managing of Trip Expenses 

The Athletics coach or designee shall submit one Travel Expense Report Voucher (TERV) covering expenses incurred by all travelers identified as members of the team party.  The Athletics coach or designee shall include in the TERV original receipts for all expenditures as required under the State Travel Policies for employees, or an explanation of the reason a required receipt is missing or unavailable. For questions see Missing Receipt Policy.

The Athletics coach or designee shall reconcile all reported expenditures with cash advances issued for the trip. The Director of Athletics or designee shall approve each expense report for the team’s travel. If the above requirements are not adhered to, reimbursement of expenses may be delayed or denied.

One-Day Trips

Meal expenses for an athletic team or student group on a one-day trip may be reimbursed at actual cost. A receipt is required. Coaches, trainers or group leaders who accompany and are responsible for the care, custody or control of the team or group are also eligible for meal-expense reimbursement. The request for reimbursement must state that the expenses result from a trip by an athletic team or student group and must include the number of participants.  For additional details please see Business Meal Policy.


Athletic Team Travel – Allowable Expenses for coach (es) and team:

  • Snacks (examples: Gatorade, Water)              
  • Bug Spray, Suntan Lotion
  • Reasonable Laundry Charges                         
  • Game related light meals (receipts required)
  • Bus Fares

Athletic Team Travel – Non-allowable expenses for coach (es) and team:

  • Personal entertainment expenses                    
  • Personal telephone calls
  • Tips or gratuities                                             
  • Valet parking
  • Alcoholic beverages                                       
  • Personal laundry/dry cleaning

Prospective Employees

The College may reimburse the Travel expenses of certain prospective employees.  College employees, who incur expenses, as part of employee recruitment, may request reimbursement of these expenses, and reimbursement of travel expenses for prospective employees is allowable. The department is responsible for providing the prospective employee with travel policy guidelines prior to travel.  Meals for spouses of College employees are not reimbursable.

Employee Recruitment

Reimbursement of expenses incurred by College employees during pre-employment recruitment efforts is allowable. The Travel Voucher must show the names of the employees involved. Meals for spouses of College employees are not reimbursable. Costs of alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.

Campus Visitors

The College may allow reimbursement of travel expenses for campus visitors, such as consultants or speakers. The State Travel Regulations and these procedures apply to all travel reimbursements.  The traveler may use a CWM contracted travel agency for making travel arrangements. Travel expenses of consultants, speakers and other campus visitors are allowable. When paying honorariums or fees, a prior written agreement or contract must accompany the voucher.  The Office of Financial Operations prefers to pay one amount which would cover the travel expenses and the honorarium or fee.   Complete an Accounting Voucher for payments (agreements) that are all inclusive and do not reflect travel expenses. No itemized receipts are necessary for all inclusive payments.

When paying travel expenses separately from the honorarium or fee, complete a Travel Voucher to reimburse the individual's travel expenses and an Accounting Voucher to reimburse the honorarium or fee.  In this situation, normal travel expense guidelines apply.  The individual or company that provides the service may submit an invoice to CWM for payment.

Foreign National Visitors

All foreign national visitors (i.e. non-residents) require prior authorization from Payroll Services to ensure IRS regulations are met before an agreement or contract can be made.

Travel Involving Multiple Employees

To ensure all travel meets the test of necessity, travel involving more than three employees from the College to a single travel destination and event must be approved in advance by the Provost Office. This includes travel of presenters as well as attendees.  For international travel such approval must be obtained from the Provost Office.

Conferences, Seminars and Training Workshops

Where it is determined that a seminar, workshop or training program is essential to staff development for five or more employees, the department shall investigate the option of bringing the trainer on site instead of authorizing employees to travel to an off-site location. The department shall document the comparative cost of an on-site session and retain such documentation on file with the department travel records. The department must also explore the practicality of fulfilling the desired staff development goals through use of studio and video teleconferencing where these options may be more cost-effective.

In selecting locations for meetings, departments shall give first preference to State-owned facilities. For meetings of policy, advisory, or supervisory boards, the selection of a meeting site should reflect the policy that a public body conducting public business shall take care that public funds are expended prudently.

Allowable miscellaneous advance payments are subject to a maximum prepayment period of 60 days.  Convention and educational services are limited to advance registration fees for conventions, conferences, seminars, and employee workshops.  Departments must be reasonably sure that travel will occur as planned.