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W&M tuition payment plan

Enrollment in the Spring 2015 W&M Tuition Payment Plan will begin with the first term eBill on December 9, 2014.

 The monthly tuition payment plan is intended to help students pay the cost of their higher education during the Fall and Spring terms of the academic year.  The plan distributes the cost of tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and incidental charges on the student's account into four equal payments. Monthly installments will be due on the 1st day of the payment month and may be set up to auto-debit your bank account. The enrollment fee of $50.00 per semester will be charged to your student account at enrollment and is included in the plan total.

  • Students enrolled in current semester courses with current charges of $100.00 or greater
  • All prior semester balances must be paid in full
  • A $50.00 enrollment fee is charged to your student account
2014-15 Payment Plan Highlights

The new payment plan offered by the College of William and Mary allows for a convenient automatic payment of your tuition and other student account charges in four monthly installments each semester.  The plan is offered through Touchnet via W&M eServices and will be available for enrollment after the first semester eBill is generated.  Here are the plan highlights:

  • The plan is available for Fall and Spring semesters only
  • Enrollment is by term and includes a $50.00 enrollment fee per semester.  The enrollment fee is a nonrefundable charge on your student account and is included in the payment plan.
  • Enrollment for the Fall semester will open online mid-July with 4 installment payments due August through November on the 1st of each month. 
  • Spring enrollment will be available mid-December with 4 installment payments due January through April on the 1st of each month
  • Payments may be automated using an ACH bank draft (electronic check).  Credit cards are now available as a payment method  (a 2.75% processing fee will apply) but the card information cannot be saved for a future payment.
  • Monthly installment amounts will automatically adjust as new activity (payments OR charges) occurs on the student’s account.  Monthly payment amounts will NOT adjust 7 days or less prior to a payment due date.  Your new payment amount will take effect on the following month's payment. Email notifications will be sent to the student and authorized user with the new installment payment amount and the effective date of the new payment.
  • Students with charges of $100.00 or greater and with no outstanding balance from a prior semester are eligible to participate in the plan.
  • A restrictive hold will be placed on the student's record for payments that are not received by the payment due date. 
  • Students that have not previously provided access for their parent or other payer in eServices must set them up as an Authorized User for them to create a Tuition Payment Plan.
  • Payments not received by 12:00 midnight on the due date will be assessed a $ 25.00 late payment fee

See our Tuition Payment Plan tutorial video below

Enroll in the W&M Tuition Payment Plan

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 Also, see our Frequently Asked Questions section for further information